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Ho-hum. I have here two little interviews with Rob Grant – in the current issues of Ink (#3) and dreamwatch (#113). I was tempted just to scan them in or copy them out here, but that would be a bit cheeky, so instead here are a few interesting snippets; I suggest you go out and buy the mags if you want the good, in-depth stuff.

Firstly, the one in Ink; a relatively new magazine aimed at book lovers who want to appear trendy. (Actually, the mag is pretty good, but I’m in a snide mood.) The interview with Rob is pretty illuminating; as well as the usual standard stuff about the inspiration for Incompetence that everyone knows (basically, a combination of American blame culture and Raymond Chandler), he reveals his desire to write a sequel already: I would love to write another one though. I love that world, I love that character, but I love that style more than anything.” He also at least partly solves the Colony II mystery: “I noticed it says on Amazon that Colony II is on its way – its even got a publication date – but that probably won’t be my next book. I feel like now I’ve landed on Earth, I should stay here for a bit.” Finally, he gives a mention of Dwarf: “The DVDs are currently being released to good success and they keep talking about a movie, but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen. I don’t think there are any plans for a new TV series – there hasn’t been one for five years. The trouble is though, the guys are getting a bit old for those silly adolescent shenanigans. You really don’t want a series about silly 40-year-olds in space. We’ve already had Star Trek…” Hmmm. As my esteemed colleague has just pointed out to me:

<IanIanSymes> Someone should remind him of his pilot script.

Onto dreamwatch, which incidentally also reviews Incompetence right beside the interview, giving it 8/10. (I’ll do a reviews round-up at the weekend. Oh, and the magazine also reviews the III DVD, TWO MONTHS LATE, giving it another 8. We’ll do a round-up of all the DVD reviews at some point as well.) Anyway, as well as the usual guff about the book, he very interestingly mentions that he’d “love it to be a movie or a TV series. I’m actually talking to someone at the moment.” And when asked what he’s up to next: “I’m not really allowed to say too much because we’re at contract negotiation stage at the moment, but basically I’ve written a couple of shows for a science-fiction animation series with a big animation studio, which is very exciting. The series is called Cruel Aliens.” Onto the obligatory Dwarf mention: when asked what his highlight of working on the series was: “Directing the show. It was nerve-wracking but I really enjoyed it tremendously. I directed Quarantine and Back To Reality, but they’re not actually my favourite shows. I love Gunmen of the Apocalypse and obviously I love Backwards, because I think it’s a great concept.” And finally, when asked whether he’d like to see Dwarf return, he CHEEKILY replies: “Only if I was doing it!” The sly old dog.

There you go. Interesting snippets. My review of Incompetence should be up this weekend. See you in about 25 years then.

(Have I done that quote yet?)

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