Yes, it’s my first site update in a stupidly long time. Hey, I’ve been busy! But I’m back, and I’m bad, etc. And there’s a lovely new article for you to pore over, you jammy goits. This one is in response to criticism of the DVDs, and ponders on just how lucky we are to be Dwarf fans. Fans of my working method will be interested to learn that I wrote the piece ages ago (before Series III came out), but just couldn’t be arsed to do the (partially deliberately) shoddy image. Ho hum.

In other DVD section news, eagle-eyed readers will be aware that a re-draft of Darrell Jones’s D.V.Don’t article appeared on the site some time ago. We were going to mention it at the time, in a site update article that, for one reason or another, never happened. We’re so good at websites.

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