Ho-hum. Whilst doing one of my usual poke-arounds on Play, guess what I found? Only The Brittas Empire – Complete Series 4 and The Brittas Empire – Complete Series 5 (as alluded to by this TOS article)! Planned for release on June 4th and October 4th respectively (although release dates could slip, obviously), no extras are listed as yet, but no doubt they’ll be announced in due course. We know the problems with the extras for these releases – the budget is tight, and the BBC seem to be being unhelpful – but could we put a plea in for the odd commentary?

As for the episodes themselves, just check out our episode guide; there are eight episodes each – plus the Series 5 release has the Christmas special In the Beginning – bringing a total of 17 episodes! (The two-disc style of the releases is now making a lot more sense.) Plus, the final episodes of both series are “pretty good”. Otherwise known as some of the best (and most underrated) comedy the BBC has ever produced. Once all the releases are done, we really will concentrate on getting a decent Brittas section up.

This set of releases will bring to an end the Fegen/Norris-written years of the show; the last two series are generally of a lower standard – but still well worth releasing, of couse…


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