Yes folks, the BBC are releasing another of their abysmal, pointless compilation DVDs. This is the third in the Great Comedy Moments series, and is called Even More Great Comedy Moments. So, not at all contrived. Anyway, the important bit is that like the last one (reviewed half way down this page, Red Dwarf will feature. No idea what clip it will be, but both Craig and Chris are listed on Play’s entry. Although, the absence of the other actors doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be on it, so that’s not very useful.

The DVD is out on the 29th March. The lowest price I’ve seen is £11.99, but you’ve already got the Dwarf clip on video anyway, so I wouldn’t bother. This sort of release really annoys me. There’s clips from Shooting Stars on the disc, for example, but I want to be able to buy Shooting Stars: The Complete Series. Cuss. Oh, don’t make the same mistake I did at first, and think that the cover of this DVD features Chris Barrie in Rimmerworld. It’s Nick Lyndhurst dressed as a gladiator, for a cheap laugh in a once-great sit-com. But the good news is, there’s Ricky Gervais doing TEH DNACE from TEH OFCIFE.

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