Fan Commentary Article on White Hole!

The White Hole, eh? Beating us to news, eh? Beating us to LOVELY INSIDER ARTICLES, eh? When the going gets tough, the tough go and have a little cry in the corner. Waaaah.

Anyway, DVD-compo winner Ruth Latchford has written a rather lovely article giving an account of the events of Tuesday 3rd February. As Cappsy says, there are two particuarly interesting things; firstly, Craig Charles was ILL, and so unable to make it to the Series V commentary session. This is a great shame really, in that the cast commentary looks like it will be incomplete; but at least we won’t have to listen to any more hilarious jibes at people who’s only crime is to love something.

Secondly, she confirms that Mike Tucker recorded a commentary at the same session. I believe the term is “fucking excellent”. It’s not known exactly what he’s commentating on yet; no doubt the details will come out soon, though. From someone. We do happen to know from a little birdie however, that as predicted in Cappsy’s V DVD Preview article, Mr. Tucker has passed on a copy of the behind-the-scenes on Series V’s effects video…

You can also read Steve Harris’s article on his commentary experience on his site, CRAP HQ.

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