Crikey. News-a-rama! Let’s kick off with the Series III replacement discs. This has come about because “a small number” of people “apparantly” had “player compatibility issues”. Stop trying to sugarcoat it, for God’s sake. Surely it’s the disc that should be made compatible with the player, not the player made to be compatible with the disc? Anyway, just phone 0870 241 0624, send them everything, and they’ll issue you with a replacement. I might well buy a new copy to send off; the originals will soon be quite rare.

In other news, there’s a new add-on to the excellent Red Dwarf RPG. Now, I strongly recommend everyone buys the book immediately. I have a dream of a massive game session at G&T Towers. By which I mean my bedroom. Anyway, I’ve had a look for the Red Dwarf RPG AI Add-On 1.0 on the Deep 7 website, but it’s nowhere to be found. Just as well; I’ve always heard that it was illegal to download PDF-file images. DYSWIDT?

Some further tit-bits. The punctuation nightmare that is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life, ‘starring’ Chris Barrie, is now out on DVD. I’ve not seen the film; nor do I have any desire to. As we reported AGES AGO, there is to be a little cast reunion at the London Film and Comic Con. In other convention news, Craig and Robert will be at Memorabilia in April, which is always good. And Ms. Chloe Annett will be in Casualty tomorrow, BBC ONE, 8:10pm. But will the Holby A&E team be able to resuscitate her career? Stay tuned!

And finally, there’s a new wallpaper, based on the Series IV DVD cover, available to download in three different sizes from here. It’s really rather nice. From the Dwarfy evidence, it would appear that Chris Veale is good at creating still images, and it only goes tits up when they move.

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