Oh, it’s started, I knew it would. Just four days after the (proper) release of Series IV on DVD, we get teasers for Series V and VI. Remember this, Ellard: you’re getting my underwear bill, buddy. A wide range of emotions have been triggered by this commentary article. Firstly, there’s intrigue as to what the commentary will be like without Craig “idiot” Charles. I’m delighted that the other four will be more vocal, particularly Robert and Chris. There’s also surprise at how red Ruth Latchford’s cheeks are in this picture, which also features a lurking Steev Rogers. Also, there’s a big “ahhhhh”, as it is confirmed that Micky Tucker’s commentary will be for the effects footage he contributes.

The next emotion is realisation; I’ve met Cpt-D before! On Saturday night at the last Dimension Jump, I took a photo of him shortly after a colleague had placed a furry deerstalker on his head. I can’t apologise enough for this. Then, smugness, as I point out to Chris Barrie that he has the best line in Out Of Time – “better dead than smeg”. Plain jumping-up-and-down excitement, as we learn that Steev Rogers, of “recognising a photo of Robert Llewellyn within half a second” fame, has contributed an easter egg for one of the next two DVDs! Fucking hell! And finally, more bafflement, this time as to what the “extra-special and currently top-secret” recording of Craig Charles will be. I’m stumped, man.

While we wait for November, there’s a bit of cast news. The most intriguing things here are Craig Charles’s projects, particularly Changing Faces, in which Craig wears a prosthetic deformity. Space mumps? Oh, and the BBC are “considering” giving The Crouches a second series. If this gets one and the excellent, yet badly-scheduled, Grass doesn’t, I’m going to blow up Television Centre.

Finally, a couple of content updates for TOS. There’s a new Down Time article about Series IV. Some excellent theorising here, particularly about the use of continuity. There’s also an update to the FAQ, all about the Easter Eggs. No mention of what they’re going to do about the people who can’t access one of the Series IV ones, though. What is interesting to notes is that how similar the little jokes on this page are to those on this page. Ho hum.

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