Movie Logo. THE 193738TH TIME WE'VE USED THIS GRAPHIC.Interesting, but confusing, all this. Google News pointed me towards something that eventually lead to this – the AWN entry for Red Dwarf: The Movie. Listed as a production partner is Fragile Films – a name we’ve not heard in connection with the Movie before. (Mind you, they also list Ed Bye as bloody director.) Doing a quick search, the Yahoo! Movies entry also lists the company as being connected. We obviously don’t move in the right MOVIE CIRCLES.

So, who are they? Well, I did find their company website. Oh. Stupid damn cheap Martian websites. Originally set up in 1996, they produced the recent adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest (2002), and indeed Spice World (1997) (written by Blue-scribe Kim Fuller) and the Ed-Bye-directed Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000). They are also part of a consortium that now own Ealing Studios – indeed, the founders of Fragile, Barnaby Thompson and Uri Fruchtmann, are now Head of Studio and a Non-executive Director of Ealing respectively.

Meanwhile, the Yahoo! entry also links Icon Entertainment International to the film. They were also linked to Kevin & Perry and Spice World; but have also done a hell of a lot more – Braveheart (1995) being a good example. Which isn’t surprising really, seeing as it’s MEL GIBSON’S PRODUCTION COMPANY. They’re also involved with Gladiatress, starring those Pony-smacking cunts.

Incidentally, whilst “researching” this news item, I came across this – which seems to give BBC Films, Studio Canal and Working Title Films/WT2 links with the film. We have already heard from Craig that the BBC were looking to put some money into the movie, but the involvement of other two are new to us.

I mean, who fucking knows what’s going on really, and who’s involved, but we might as well tell you what we spot. Let’s hope for another proper update from GNP soon, so I can type something that’s slightly less RUBBISH. In the meantime, why not ponder why so many film companies use fucking awful Flash websites?

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