The BBC FOUR logo. They have nice idents, you know.Dang and blast the BBC. It seems whenever I try and get information out of them, it’s wrong. When I e-mailed them about the excellent Stephen-Fry-hosted (and indeed, John-Lloyd-produced, and Howard-Goodall-composed/guested) quiz QI, the BBC told me “There are currently no plans for a further series of…QI“. This UPSET ME GREATLY, until Shanine pointed out in the comments that tickets were in fact being advertised. Ahem.

Checking today, it appears that recordings have slipped until March – but definite dates are now given, for the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th of March (with more dates planned), at The London Studios – and tickets are avaliable now. But only if you’re over 18. Ha! to Ian. Anyway, this is obviously excellent news, and I might try and get down to one of the recordings…

There’s probably some amusing BBC corruption gag you can do here, but I’ll let someone else do it.

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