Rimmer's costume for Red Dwarf V. Squirt.Just a quickie Prop Store article – but we thought this was a bit special. Firstly, the odd few bits: Cat’s Purple Costume from Justice is going for £779; and Kochanski’s Silver Costume from Pete is going for £625. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about Officer BB from all this, it’s that she loves Miss Selfridge’s stuff.

More interesting is this – Mrs Rimmer’s Letter from the start of Dimension Jump. Now, I’ve slagged off The Prop Store for being sloppy with their descriptions before, but I’m incredibly impressed that they’ve gone to the trouble to find out about the Space Corps heading on the letter when it’s supposed to be from Rimmer’s school (GNP explain it away as a mistake from the prop guys). The date “23rd April 2590” is exactly the kind of thing to upset the continuity people, as in IV the crew is supposed to have hailed from the 23rd century. And I’m sure “Yours smeggingly ROGER MOORE” will enter my phrasebook for life.

But here’s the corker. Fancy a classic Rimmer Red Uniform, as seen throughout Series V? Do you? DO YOU? I fucking well do, and I hate costumes normally. And what the smeg’s this? £1095. And you had the front to borrow money off me, to buy me a birthday present? And all that malarky. The worst thing is, you could probably pull at Dimension Jump by wearing that.


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