I used this image for the first ever G&T update. Ahhh.It was sixteen years ago today, Sgt. Bye taught the cast to play. And so on. Yes folks, today marks the sixteen anniversary of the first episode of popular science-fiction sit-com Red Dwarf being broadcast. It was a cold Monday night in February, and 4.8 million people, depressed at their lack of Valentines cards, tuned in. And a number of them were quite baffled when all but one of the cast died halfway through, and then one of them somehow came back. Oh, and there was a humanoid cat as well.

This monumental occassion deserves to be honoured. Here are some of our suggested methods of celebration:

  • Dine on a feast of sprout soup, followed by sprout salad and, for dessert, sprout crumble.
  • Bake a cake in the shape of a spaceship. Or, alternatively, a big red pencil.
  • Invite 169 of your closest friends round, and kill them all with a lethal blast of Cadmium II.
  • Attempt to read Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers without imagining Chris Barrie doing all the voices.
  • Dance around your bedroom to Danny John-Jules’s version of Tongue Tied.
  • Now that the show is past the legal age of consent in Britain, try inserting your penis into the hole in one of the DVDs.
  • Re-read every single article on this site. Even the really rubbish ones.
  • Watch the first Alien film, and be amazed at how similar the sets are to the ones in Series III-V.
  • Read every single edition of the Programme Guide from cover to cover.
  • Come up with some conspiracy theories about why Rob and Doug split up.
  • Watch Re-Mastered, as a penance.
  • Get pished.

Or, just do what most people are doing – watch the Series IV DVD. Hooray!

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