Sticking with the continued theme of ripping off The White Hole, Cappsy has also recently reported on a couple of new laser etchings from The Stamp Centre. One of Danny, and one of Danny and Craig, they look a bit… well, crap in those photos – but perhaps they look better in real life.

We have got a couple more bits of info from them, though. Firstly, the delay with the gorgeous laser-etched Starbugs is apparently due to a problem with the licensing agent (who aren’t GNP) causing problems with the packaging. As The Stamp Centre aren’t the makers of the product, just the distributors (albeit the exclusive ones), “desperately slow progress” is being made – but they’re still trying. We hope the products do come out soon – they look gorgeous.

Secondly – well, this comes from a rather weird ANOMALY we noticed. On The Stamp Centre’s site, we came across this gorgeous looking Red Dwarf bottlestopper. This is somewhat at odds with the rather tragic photograph here (specifically, on the far right – the rest are great). We asked TSC (yes, we’re up to it again, now fuck off) which version was avaliable, and we’re told that it is the Re-mastered version – apparently, they were asked to do the original first, and they preferred that – and then “the licensors changed their minds”. ARGH! [ 8< HUGE VICIOUS RANT ]

In better news, some Red Dwarf mugs should be avaliable from them by the end of February – they should appear on their website soon. Excellent.

<mumoss> Well, I'm writing the 200th article now. About the merchandise stuff.
<mumoss> Have you anything you wish to say?
<IanIanSymes> Is the number 200 mentioned in RD?
<IanIanSymes> Lister was in deep sleep for 200 years prior to Psirens.
<IanIanSymes> Actually, to be honest I don't think we should mention anything; it might seem a bit self-indulgent.
<mumoss> Fair enough.

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