Just thought I’d take a second out from my weekend of debauchery to tell you about what Cpt-D has already mentioned – that The Sun’s Chris Barrie webchat is now up. Aren’t I kind?

However, it really is a corker of an article. For a start, it’s always nice hearing Chris say things like “I’d always stake the claim that it is one of the best TV shows ever made” about Dwarf, and that the cast all get along together (“If I’m having a party or something I try and invite the gang along.”) And it’s obvious that he really does love Rimmer, defending him several times against vicious onslaughts.

Regarding Brittas, he shares our joy that the damn thing was in the Top 50 of BBS at all – and he mentions again that “we said at the end of the last one that all the characters should meet up in about 15 year’s time on a cruise liner. I imagine Brittas in the old white shorts as the entertainment man. But it’s up to the writers and the management of the BBC.” This is an excellent idea – if only it could happen.

But what’s really interesting is the stuff about the Movie, and he does reveal a few snippets; the most interesting of which is about the start of the film: “The film will try to tell the story again from the early days

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