Oh, this is just superb. Chortle reports that the new series of Comedy Connections will feature Red Dwarf! Interviews will include Rob Grant, Paul Jackson and “Robert Llewelyn”, apparently. Hmmm. The other shows featured in the series will be The Goodies, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Father Ted, Birds of a Feather, Hi-De-Hi!, The Young Ones and Keeping Up Appearances. What a fabulous set of programmes, frankly.

Now, a bit of OPINION. The first series (which you can currently get a taster of from the Comedy Connections website) was like a breath of fresh air for mainstream TV programmes about comedy. (No ridiculous voting here.) It had its faults (in particular, the emphasis on the connections between the shows isn’t that useful or interesting); but it was lovely just to hear some vaguely intelligent discussion about the shows from the actual people who were involved; and some decent research too – many a rare clip was shown of sitcoms long forgotten. Straight after the first series was comissioned, I heard they were going to do a second one, and hoped against hope that Dwarf would be there; my wildest, most incredible dream has come true.

We’ll keep you updated as to when the show will air; production has apparently only just started. Whilst it’ll probably have the odd annoying bit, it will probably be the closest we’ll get to a decent documentary on the series outside the DVDs. Lovely.

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