A picture of Howard Goodall himself. This was one of the first pictures we used on a news item when we had the last relaunch, you know.Amusing jokes at the beginning of news stories. Why do you never get them? “Actor David Beckford is facing up to the fact that his career is going to the dogs.” I mean, for fucks sake. Just slotting in the word “CUM” would be funnier than that.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting piece, about a musical called The Hired Man, a new production of which opens this month – and was written by Melvyn Bragg and Howard Goodall (adapted from Bragg’s book; and first produced in 1984). The production is described as Cumbrian; I misread this at first as Colombian. It attempt a joke about that, but after my first paragraph, I don’t dare.

It runs from March 27th to April 17th, and ticket information is available by ringing 017687 74411. Read the article if you’re actually interested in, you know, information about the show and stuff. There’s also a nice piece about the show on Howard’s site.

Meanwhile, Garbage World have got an interview with Howard Goodall. He deigned to answer TWO QUESTIONS, so well done Howard. It’s still rather interesting, however.

Or Howard-ever!!! See, I could be a journalist if I wanted.

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