Ooh, heck! It's Hitlers! Don't look into his eyes.Business as usual, if you please, folks. Let us start with some pleasure, spiked with pain. The Starbug Playset is a-coming. Hurrah! Unfortunately, it’s not coming until October. October! Oh well. At least we know it’s not been forgotten about, and we’ve got some lovely pictures. We’re told the paintwork design isn’t complete yet. A little hint, fellas: make the ‘1’ on the top smaller. Other than that, this thing is awesome. Even the box looks amazing. Although, look at this picture. Apparantly, the set will include “KRYSTEN”. He’s a robot version of Jesus.

Juliet May. Romeo’s hopeful. Thanks. Yes, folks, Mr. Flibble, the internet’s second most popular penguin, after that one in the polar bear game, has interviewed Juliet May, who once directed a sit-com about Hitlers (pictured). We all know, of course, that you can make good comedy based on Hitlers, as long as someone scuffles with him and nicks his briefcase. This interview deals with all the pre- and post-Dwarf stuff very well, but there’s not too much on Juliet’s brief time in charge of Series V. Presumably, they’re saving the meat for the DVD, which is understandable. We do get one snippet, though: Rob and Doug “patience ran out” with Juliet. Excellent! Oh, and she’s wrong about V not being as funny as its predecessors. Yes, there’s more sci-fi, but the comedy doesn’t really suffer. It’s got Jake Bullet, man.

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