Photo of a JMC book. RD prop people = excellent.Stuff of no interest to anyone:

  • Prop Store loveliness. Three new items; and all of them great. A JMC Education Prop Book, used as set dressing in VIII, for £65 (which is bloody gorgeous, frankly); Lister’s Bunk Sign from Series 4, going for £35 (see a screengrab here), and a Kryten Hand Display; the hand being seen in a deleted section from The Last Day, going for £595 (the display itself is very nicely done). Overall, there are 90 props for sale currently, including loads of great ones – why not splash out? (“Because you’d ruin the prop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111”)
  • Craig Charles is a bitch. A story first reported on by BITR, we are told that that Craig Charles has been at a dog track, where “A film crew followed him during his evening at the track to find out where he goes and what he does on a night out.” Hopefully this won’t involve tracking down RD fans houses and beating them up. Actually, what I really liked about that article is the unconnected stuff about shooting Murphy’s Law at the same place; we are told that “Filming took place last Wednesday and Thursday and eight scenes were shot for the new drama. They filmed in the stadium car park, the main stadium sign and some of the bookmakers and shot a scene in the stadium’s maintenance room, which they disguised as a gun club for the drama.” Excellently anal.
  • Steve Steen goes Down Under. If you’re interested in the article, read it yourself; what I was amused by is that he’s linked to Red Dwarf – and after checking TOS’s Series V Cast List, he played the incredibly important part of… ‘Actor Voice’, in Holoship. Well done. (Actually, I shouldn’t scoff; he did it very well. I’m just amused that it warranted a mention.) What I found more interesting is that Kate Robbins did the voice of the actress and the lift in the same episode; I didn’t know that…
  • Kryten Forst Day Cover. And I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.
  • And finally, a couple of fansite snippets. As I mentioned in the comments to an earlier article, The Red Dwarf Zone is planning a relaunch for April/May, promising “all the old features plus many new ones”. This is great; they used to be bloody good with news. And Groovetown has updated for the first time in ages; and Rick says that whilst he doesn’t plan to keep the site updated as much as he used to, “I do intend to start adding new content and new features again.” Excellent. Meanwhile, check G&T tomorrow for something rather special…

Right, off to do some work on the redesign. Why am I so CRAP AT THE WEB?

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