Movie news? Surely not. Movie rumour? Yup. Whilst idly flicking through The Internet Movie Database, as I am wont to do, I had a look at the entry for Red Dwarf: The Movie. Now, Carole Nimmons, Richard O’Callaghan and Andy Taylor have been credited as guest cast for ages, but there’s a new entry since I last checked – Leila Johnson as Nirvana Crane!

Now, under no circumstances should we conclude that Leila or Nirvana will feature in the film. Why would a one-off character be bought back, played by a different actress? IMDB is a trusted source, but it has been duped on a few occasions. Annoyingly, I don’t know how long Leila’s been listed there, but it must be fairly recent. Also, I am unfamiliar with her work; does anyone know anything about her?

Even if this is a baseless rumour or a deliberate con, at least there’s one little titbit for us to discuss. Who knows, they might even make the May shooting schedule…

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