Cover of a completely legal Dwarf CD.:-o, frankly. You can see the (really rather lovely) track listing here (PARRALLEL!). The site, Monsters in Motion, is US, but ships internationally. Oh, and please don’t tell me that you all already know about it, or I’ll kill you, your friends, and your family.

Ta to Hercule Platini on ATVRD who mentioned this on this thread. He’s also mentioned that Mac McDonald is appearing on Murder City next week (ITV1, 9:00pm, Thursday 18th March) as Calvin Moran.. The Radio Times capsule goes as follows: “Amanda Donohoe and Kris Marshall star as relentless detectives Susan Alembic and Luke Stone in a gritty crime drama series.” The episode, called Critical Path, is given the promising description “When a 16-year-old-girl disappears from her suburban family home, Alembic and Stone recieve unwelcome help from a psychic named Calvin Moran.” That’s sure to be good.

Oh, and My Family returns next Friday (19th) for a new 13-part (13-part!) series; and Nanarchy-co-writer James Hendrie is part of their “writing team” (and is co-credited for the ep, The Mummy Returns. To be honest, what I’ve seen of the show wasn’t that bad, but I’ve not seen enough – so can anyone tell me what I should think of it? Thanks.

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