An early Red Dwarf logo, perhaps?La-la-la-la-la:

Listers Blue Midget Jumpsuit | ‘Back In The Red’ Part Three | £895

Model Miniature Section Of The SSS Esperanto | Back To Reality | £295
“We’ve been here before.” “Of course we have, it’s the cockpit, dummy. We come here all the time.”

Ships Issue Carrot Tin | Series III | £75
Lovely. And the perfect place for me to mention something that I’ve been meaning to for ages: the very odd version of the Dwarf logo on the tin, also seen in various other places (most notably on the chilli powder at the start of Polymorph). Presumably, it’s an early version of the logo. The same goes for the version on some of Lister’s clothes in III (in Marooned, for example); much closer to the version we know and love, but without the red D’s. Very interesting.

(Actually, there’s a whole article to be written about this; the logo has gone through many variations throughout its life; it isn’t just as simple as “sans-serif” and “serif”. And why, for example, was the sans-serif version used in the continuity for Red Dwarf Night in 1998, when it was last used in 1991 and the serif version was launched in 92? INTERESTINGNESS ABOUNDS.)

Kryten Watch Display | IV, at least. Can’t be arsed checking the rest. | £495
Two things. One: I never noticed Kryten wore a watch. Two: why the FUCKITY FUCKING FUCK would a mechanoid need one?

Lister Injecting Gun | Epideme | £395
Not much to say about this one; so instead, I’ll mention that this is the last RD prop listed not to have a horrible Prop Store watermark plastered across the middle of the larger pictures on the site. All the above have the aforementioned monstrosity, and it annoys me rather more than it should do. Possibly because you’d think that they charge so much for the props that the least they could do is provide a few nice piccies…

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