Curses. Foiled by our own journalistic excellence. Or something. Yes. Robert Llewellyn’s site has relaunched. Do you want the G&T version, or the TOS version? Well, the TOS version fails to mention that the new site looks like a steaming pile of shit, so we win on that score. It does mention, however, that Llewellyn, R. and Charles, C. will be at Memorabilia at the NEC on 17th and 18th April. Hurrah! Memorabilia fairs are good, so go.

This bit of news is also repeated in the Weapons Of Mass Distraction article. Re-using news? Tsk! Ahem. If you’d like to see John’s amusing interpretation of the press release, try our version. If you want some merchandise news, however, stick with TOS. Ooh, new bottlestoppers. There’s the old Kryten one, a Starbug one… and, oh look, a PENCIL. Did you know that The Stamp Centre originally designed one based on the original ship, but GNP made them change it to the re-mastered one, despite The Stamp Centre preferring the original? True story. One final note – Weapons of Mass Distraction is the worst TV show title ever. SATIRES.

Hurrah! An interview with Judy Pascoe! Rack off, Craig, you’re a double-dag, mate. Or something. The interview charts Judy’s career, from the circus to stand-up to Red Dwarf to writing. She’s a bit depressed about the process of writing novels, bless her. We don’t really learn much about Dwarf, other than that the cast would “do anything to get back”. The movie funding problems are solved – get the cast to whore themselves for

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