Craig Charles, in front of a blue screen. Excellent.Ian: “I won’t be around for my newsround tomorrow. I’m rather selfishly going to a PARTY.” And he’s missed the biggest news on TOS for ages. Ho!

Series V and VI deleted scenes. I THINK WE SHOULD NICK THE TAPES AND HOST THEM ON G&T. Firstly, the two series will have around twice the amount of deleted scenes – around 35 – 40 mins worth. And secondly, the two series will have around twice the amount of deleted scenes – around 35 – 40 mins worth. I realise, technically speaking OH FOR FUCKS SAKE SHUT UP.

The picture you can see is from a bluescreen sequence excised from Back To Reality; this was published in Primoridal Soup and is COPIED in Cappsy’s Series V Preview. This appears to be one of the few bits excised from that particular show; there’s also some speculation on the best episodes having the least amount of material cut. Hmmm – interesting. We’re also promised many alternate scenes; with the reshoots done by Grant Naylor on the final day to replace some earlier, Juliet May-shot material, this is unsurprising, but trouser-troubling, nonetheless. You can read the rest of the article for yourself; although the lengthy cockpit sequence from VI sounds wonderful. As we’ve said before, they’re the equal of any number of bunkroom scenes from earlier series – but does anyone listen to us? Hello wall, what do you think? (Yes, quoting VII really helps our argument.)

We also get a couple of Series IV reviews. Unlike last time, we’re not quoted – anyone would think we’ve done something to upset GNP, or something. Never mind – Empire is here to tell us that it’s “Red Dwarf’s greatest smegging series”. So well done them. We also get told that SFX think the DVD was a “typically packed affair” and that there was a “superlative Making Of documentary.” Of course, if you read the full review you’ll realise that SFX is rubbish, and can fuck off. And Todd Hunter from the Official Webboard says that “The bonus disc is so heavily laden with features I could hardly lift it into the DVD player!” This is strange, as the actual DVD itself isn’t actually any heavier than other DVDs. So, I really don’t know what he’s on about.

Finally, some scheduling news. Still no news on the BBC TWO VII repeat run, but I don’t care for two reasons: a) The BBC should spend the time repeating something that isn’t likely to get a gorgeous DVD release next year, and b) It’s VII. The series is being repeated on UK G2 though, if you fancy huge chunks of dialogue being cut out. I think you know what I’m going to say here. In fact, it’s so obvious, I don’t think I’m even going to say it.

Ian’ll be back to do the Newsround next week. A sigh of relief goes through Dwarf fandom.

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