Not much of an update this, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway. Just messing around, I created two desktop backgrounds; both clapperboards from the IV raw model footage on the DVD: Background #1, Background #2. Both are at 1024×768, and have had no alterations made to them apart from a resize, so quality is hardly the best it could be. Nonetheless, they’re nice enough to bother shoving up; I’ll do some proper ones at some point.

Meanwhile, on site news, the Movable Type public beta starts next week; I’ve been alpha-testing for a while now. This means that I will be able to publically subject you all to dodgy bug-ridden beta software, so enjoy how stable G&T is currently whilst you can. The advantage to the new version for you lot is mainly that you’ll be able to register to comment, so people can be sure it’s you commenting, rather than the rather open-ended system used currently; we’ll probably still allow non-registered users as well, though.

The relaunch will take place slightly later than this, as I don’t want to rush up this one. But I’ll give you a clue; a very early test design is up somewhere already on the net. Can you find it? Hours of fun!!!

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