BBC Radio 2 logo. Lovely.Sigh. We are crap. Guess what’s broadcast on Radio 2 at 7pm on Tuesdays? Only bloody Howard Goodall’s Classical Connections.

Bafta winning broadcaster and one of the country’s most sought after composers, Howard Goodall presents a new series for BBC Radio 2.

Each programme takes a theme and mixes music of all styles and of all eras, emphasising Howard’s long held belief that the interplay between different musical traditions is a wholly creative and positive one and that there are surprising similarities and connections between Concert Hall, TV, Film and folk music from around the world.

And this Tuesday (the 20th):

3/8. The Birds and the Bees
Music that loves and music that stings with the Birds and the Bees.

BAH. Meanwhile, thanks to Darrell for spotting another series of Wax On…, also on Radio 2, at 1pm on Saturdays. Not that Ruby Wax is a story (we don’t usually bother with guest star news), but her darling (and obviously quite, quite mad) hubby is Mr. Ed Bye, who appears to be taking the role of Clive (at least, as far as I can figure out):

Ruby Wax returns to talk about life and death issues, play some cutting edge comedy and be extremely rude to her long suffering co-presenter, Clive, in a comedy archive half hour that is as unpredictable as it is seriously funny.

The first episode of this series was broadcast today; I’d give you the next episodes details, but it appears that the first and the second episodes have swopped round (RT and the R2 websites giving conflicting information), so fuck knows what ep will actually broadcast next week. Eight eps in it, anyway. Have fun!

And please – if anyone else spots anything good, mention it in the comments or contact us. We can’t do everything. What d’you think I am – Marvo the Memory Man?

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