Star Hyke plans. Official press release. Yeah, yeah, it’s not Red Dwarf news. So sue me. Oh. It is, however, the first British sci-fi show (well, spacey sci-fi show, at any rate) since the odd-good-bit-but-frankly-excerable Comedy Lab Captain V. So I thought you might be interested. Still:

“Shooting on a small budget, the producers are keen to steer away from the usual comic book look of British Sci-Fi; intent on a show that has the special effects of any big budget movie. Thankfully, this is achievable since the company has its own established CGI special effects and animation unit and is building a blue screen studio in Bristol, England.”

Nice to know they’re concentrating on the important stuff, yes? Oh, and I’d use physical models, not CGI; even the Dwarf movie with a far higher budget is doing that. Still, if it’s truly “a joke a minute”, it’ll be worth watching. It’s easy to be cynical, but let’s hope for something great.

This month’s issue of SFX, bless their stupid cotton socks, reveals that Bravo has just greenlit a 6-part series. Please be good, dammit…

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