A picture of Chris Barrie. Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oooooh! Lots of lovely stuff here, including some great pictures, and a particuarly nice biography (he worked on the Spitting Image pilot!). Hearing him enthusing about Massive Engines is a joy, too. And, after reading a few comments elsewhere which seemed to suggest Chris had some problems with the FUCKING EXCELLENT VI, it’s interesting to note that on the news page he specifically singles it out as standing up well.

On the minus side: FLASH EEEW FLASH WAH FLASH. greenfishmedia should be shot, lack of capital letters and spaces and all. Seriously, I really can’t stand navigating and reading Flash sites; they just annoy the piss out of me. Annoying unskippable flash intro, anyone? And that’s just the start of the complaints… [Apart from the fact that you *can* link to individual pages. I’m just a stupid cunt who didn’t notice. Still, MY MAIN POINT REMAINS.]

Meanwhile, Chris reiterates he knows nothing about movie shooting dates – although the silver lining in this case is his eagerness (in the FAQ, which I’d link to, but CAN’T BECAUSE FLASH IS SHIT) just “to do some new Red Dwarf product, whether it be a movie or a TV special”. Excellent.

Many thanks to McGruder for this piece of news. Hi, Tiger. Rrrawww.

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