An appeal from Andrew Ellard. Yeah, he’s appealing. That’s the minority view. Et cetera. Anyway, the lad wants trailers. Apparantly, the results of his trawl through the archives have “not been great”. Tsk. So, if you’ve got any trailers for Series V and/or VI, let him know. He doesn’t want any continuity though, which either means they’ve already found some, or they don’t want any. Shame – I’ve got all the continuity for VI right here. Oh, one last thing – you can only click on that link if you’re a fan club member. The consequences of a non-member visiting the forum will be fatal. Or something. (Forum politics – sorry ’bout that.)

There was no newsround yesterday. Two reasons for this: 1) I was out; 2) we’ve already reported on the two items about which TOS updated. There was some new info, though: interviewees for the BBC TWO night and Comedy Connections. If there was one place I’d hope would be free of idiotic claims that Python was a BBC TWO show, it would be TOS. Are we really the only people who know that only six cunting episodes were first broadcast on the channel? It hardly “launched” Python, as TOS claims.

Christ, Weapons of a Massively Shit Title was poor, wasn’t it? The only thing of interest was Craig Charles stealing Danny John-Jules’s hair. Oh, and there was a Dwarf quote too – “a chap like you can turn a guy’s head”. And you saw a bit of the woman presenter’s nipple at one point.

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