Albert Einstein. Yes, I'm sorry, this picture portrays a pathetic stereotype of the mad old scientist, but... it's funny. Me and Albo happen to agree on this one.<IanIanSymes> There's something intrinsically delightful about someone going through something they love with a fine-tooth comb and writing about whatever they find. Expect it to be updated loads in the upcoming weeks. Good Old Austin Ross. It looks like Garbage World is turning out to be anything but. See. Clever.

Oh, and by popular request, our “commentaries” for The End, Future Echoes, and Balance of Power are now back online. Their absence is only due to me being lazy and not bothering to upload them, rather than a sneaky plot to hide the fact that I sound like a complete berk. I actually have the three we did for the remainder of the series, but I suspect they aren’t fit for human consumption. Either way, we’ll either shove them up or rerecord them fairly soon. I want to suck Ian off at some point in the near future anyway, so we might as well do it then.

Whilst I’m at it – comment registration will be up in the next couple of days. Just waiting for the Movable Type peeps to fix a rather unpleasant bug. The shits. You can sign up ready for it, anyway…

No other fansite updates, sadly. Wah! Still, this is nice.

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