Every now and then, a programme idea comes along that makes you want to vomit up your intestines, spread it onto your TV License and post it to Television Centre attached to a bomb. Public Opinion is one of those shows. As soon as the delightful Joey Cannon pointed me towards this “Question Time meets Heat”, my heart sank.

The premise is simple: ask some celebrities questions. Whoop-de-shit. The celebrities featurred, including David Soul, Kate Lawler, Max Clifford and, of course, Craig Charles, are apparantly “the UK’s most talked about celebrities”. Quite right; not a day goes by in my house where we don’t discuss Kate Lawler’s impressive media career, from winning Big Brother to presented RI:SE to… erm… hmm. Obviously, the Craig Charles questions could be interesting. As long as they’re not “what’s your favourite house robot?” or something. I’ll pay ten English pounds to whoever asks him why he acts like such a prick whenever he mentions Red Dwarf fans.

Six shows are being recorded in Glasgow, between this Wednesday (12th May) and 2nd June. As the website says, “why not join us for a night which promises to be lively, revealing and just a little bit outrageous!” I can see no reason why that wouldn’t appeal to me. No, hang on. I’m getting something. Ah, yes – I have a brain larger than a grape. That rules me out, I’m afraid.

No broadcast dates are scheduled yet. Shame. It’s apparantly going to be on BBC ONE, though. CBBC, hopefully.

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