As we are all no doubt aware, Doctor Who is returning for a new series at the end of this year. This is marvellous, obviously, and all the signs are ominously good. However, according to The Mirror, the new series might not be quite as original as we’d hoped:

DOCTOR Who is going to face an enemy even worse than the Daleks – in the shape of David Beckham.

In the new series, aliens intent on conquering the earth use the waxworks at Madame Tussauds to terrorise the capital.

A lifelike dummy of the 29-year-old England captain will lead a horde of modelled celebs in a raid on Downing Street. These could include Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and even Madonna.

Or, they could use Elvis Presley, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Jean Paul Satre and Noel Coward. Bear in mind, though, that the story comes from The Mirror – given their recent form, they could be writing about what they imagine a new series might be like. And even if it’s true, I’m not the type to go around shouting “plagiarism” everytime someone has a similar idea to someone else.

Thanks to radio’s own Mitch Benn for pointing this out. Given that this story is a bit of a non-entity, feel free to use this thread as your general Doctor Who discussion place. I’ve never been a massive fan, but I know some of you lot are.

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  • Dunno, mate.

    On a topic vaguely associated with the article above, The Sun reported yesterday that the Tardis is going to land in Albert Square in the new series, and the Doctor is to be served by Peggy Mitchell.
    I’ve since heard that Noel Clarke has completely denied these rumours.

    Thank fuck.

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