Grab of Filthy, Rich & Catflap titles. And what lovely titles they are, as well.Fancy reading one of the extremely few decent Filthy Rich & Catflap sites on the internet? Well scoot yourself over to Flange Log and have a rummage. Flange Log being run, of course, by my girlfriend Tanya, in case you had forgotten I had one. Because I definitely have.

If you’re wondering why we’re covering it on here, then just check out this page (along with the fact that Chris Barrie steals episode 2, or course). Meanwhile, the DVD is due out on the 8th June, but there have been rumours that might scupper that (and it doesn’t seem to have turned up on any of the online shopping sites either)…

Either way: great stuff on one of my all-time favourite sitcoms. Especially this tribute to Peter Wragg, which even manages to out-geek G&T. Excellent.

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