How. Good.That’s Howard Goodall, on your Series VI DVD in February. I’d have been happy with a nice interview, to be honest; perhaps as part of the main documentaries. But no, they had to go and give him his own bloody feature. With Howard interjecting his speech by singing playing the keyboard. Including never-before-heard songs and extra theme tune verses. And stuff from Howard’s archives, including sheet music and lyric sheets. And the fucking demo of Tongue Tied.

I think we can safely classify this extra as “excellent”. With this on the Series VI DVD and all the special effects stuff on Series V, I reserve the right to be marginally excited about these releases. I wonder if the extra theme tune verses will bear any resemblance to the ones that appeared on a few compilations in the mid-90s? Hint: no. Incidentally, the feature was shot way back on the 9th March. How did they wait two months with a red-hot jape like that under their belts?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that there was no newsround last week. In fact, many of you have suffered great mental anguish as a result, and then there was that rather unfortunate suicide business. The reason was simple: laziness. A more contrived excuse would be that we’d already done one story, and I couldn’t think of much to say about the art, other than “nice!”. This is hugely unfair, as it’s a very good article and the pieces featured therein are spiffing. But, as with this week’s toasterness, what can you say? Well, there is one thing; stop linking to the index pages from the front page – go straight to the article. You buggers.

And finally, good luck to John’s sister, who is currently dropping her sprog. Yes, I’m sure she’ll take time out from her labour to check G&T. She’s trying to say in chicken talk “for God’s sake, give me an epidural”.

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