Yes, the Corgi models. [What again? – ed] What d’you mean ‘again’? [Everyone knows you only report on the Corgi models to slag off the Re-Mastered ship. – ed] That is not true! [Yes, true! It’s pathetic watching you moan away day after day. – ed] Oh, fuck off, ed. Still though, the Re-Mastered ship is shit, but the TOS article is about the paint job, so I should talk about that. I’m pleased to note that Starbug is a darker shade of green than before, which is good. And I have to concede that the Dwarf is indeed the correct shade of red. Hurrah!

Ooh, an interesting-looking Down Time article! I’ll just click on the link to get to it. Argh! I’ll have to click on another link. What a senseless waste of human life. To be fair, the Down Time articles never fail to be of interest, although in this one it’s tinged with jealous rage. Drumjay, can I come and live in your house? No? Bah. But if you ever run out of storage space, you can always bung things my way. Joel Benson’s collection is equally amazing, although his mannequins are slightly scary. But look at this for a living room! Best interior design ever. Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen? He shits him.

In other news, our Norm is appearing at the 6th Annual UK Comic Festival in Bristol in a fortnight’s time. I would come up with some excellent whimsy about this, but HIGNFY is on in five minutes. Ahem. In case you’re wondering, I expect we’ll be covering Celebrities Disfigured on Monday night/Tuesday – the bit at the ‘convention’ sounds interesting. Maybe Craig went to DJ disguised as Richard High H?

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