Gentlemen, the inevitable has been confirmed. Let’s face it; we all knew that it would be somewhat of a miracle if all the financial problems were solved, a crew were hired and pre-production was completed within the next eleven days. Plus, half the crew are scheduled to appear at DJ in three weeks time. But reading that webpage makes it seem like it happened yesterday. Or something.

Anyway, as well as shooting slated for January 2005, we now know that pre-production “proper” will start in mid-July. This is a good thing, is it not? OK, the shooting date may have slipped by a whopping seven months, but we’ve got a definite pre-production date for the first time ever. There has been a read-through of the script, rehearsals and a head cast, but they were three bloody years ago. Now, we can expect real and actual updates on Friday afternoons, in about two months. Incidentally, for some bizarre reason, the old version of the crewing up page is still there, on a different address. Catch it before it’s taken down.

This is not the only activity on TOS today, of course. There’s a little DJ update, which doesn’t mention Ed Bye, worryingly. However, everyone’s favourite penguin’s sidekick Andrew Ellard will be there, doing a little bit of Q+A. There’s also a Cat quiz (stop linking to the sub-indexes for the main page, man), on which I only scored 19 out of 20. Bah.

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