Man, two Craig-o-cusses in as many days. I’m going to hell. Anyway, Craig stars in Celebrities Disfigured, 9:00pm, Monday 17th May, Channel Four. Craig and supermodel Caprice (you remember her) undergo heavy prosthetic make-up and then, erm, go out. Hidden cameras film public reactions to these deformed freaks. And then they show them what they look like with the make-up on, aaaaaaaaaaah.

Can’t find much info on t’internet, but my broadband modem arrived today and I want to show off the speed at which I can browse. So, here’s some links: Channel 4’s listing, a mention on TOS, and one on Craig’s site. Both of these feature the original name for the project: Changing Faces. Not sensationalist enough for Channel Four, presumably. Ta to Talkie from BTLi for pointing this out.

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