Remember this? Well, here’s the news in a rather more verified and in-depth form. (I’d send you to Media Guardian, but a) There’s a stupid registration system, and b) It’s shit.)

ITV are apparently in “early stage talks” with John Lloyd about the show’s return. The article also has the obligatory mention of The Chicken Song, which would probably annoy me if it wasn’t for the Grant Naylor connection. (Good song, though; and it’s amazing how many people miss the very, very, very obvious point of it.) Let’s hope this gets commissioned; with John Lloyd at the h-hheeellm, it would be in safe hands. Although I’m still hoping Rob or Doug (or heavens forbid, both) appear as writers, because I’m a stupid twat with no sense of reality.

Lloyd says that “a seven-figure investment would be necessary to revive the show”. For a bit of unnecessary history, the pilot for the original series (then called UNTV) cost £131,641 (obviously in 1986 terms). If you’re wondering where I got that from, try and get hold of a copy of Tooth & Claw: The inside story of Spitting Image. One of the best factual books about a comedy series ever written.

Of course, good old Lloydy is right when he says that “The way things are happening at the moment is much more interesting and dangerous… You’ve got Michael Howard running the Tories. And Geoff Hoon – oh, what a joy.” I’ve said for ages that the show has had enough of a rest; this could be fucking great.

Ta to flamingkitties who posted this to NOTBBC.

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