Oh dear. Inspired by this ATVRD thread, we bring you: The Red Dwarf Boom guide, a guide to all boom mic appearances in Red Dwarf. Children are dying, and yet we devote our time to this. What a wonderful world we live in. Many thanks to Peter Chant for the idea (yes, blame him), and the various ATVRDers credited.

Note that, as stated in the thread, quite a few of these appearances won’t be visible on a lot of TV sets, due to overscan (effectively, cutting off part of the picture). To view them all, watch the eps on your puter.

The list is far from complete; next time you watch an episode, keep an eye on the top part of the screen, rather than Craig Charles’s FACE. Ta.

Episode Time Wind Screen Description Submitted by
Confidence & Paranoia10:58YellowOn Rimmer’s rather amusing line “How about an anal reading?”, the mic appears directly above his head.John Hoare
Kryten 2:01 Blue On Brooke’s line “Your ex-husband Gary, my business rival?”, a mic lurches out of shot. Obviously there deliberately, to parody badly-produced Australian soap operas; and wonderfully done. Erm, apart that… Generally known
3:04 Blue As the Esperanto instructor gives her line, a mic
is visible, slightly to the right of centre. Your satires have backfired. Ho!
Mr. Skutter
Backwards12:47RedOn the shot where Cat says “What’s the matter?” after leaving Starbug, look at the top right. PATHETIC.bewtifulfreak
Bodyswap 23:55 n/a Note that what the cast refer to on the commentary does not appear to be a boom shadow at all – but simply the shadow from the part of the damaged ceiling hanging down, which is jiggling. Look at the wide shot. John Hoare
Justice 11:01 Black Just noticable above Kryten here, and then swings over to Lister for his “Yeah, yeah, but when you say criminal activity, what do you mean by criminal activity?” Gavin Clayton
Gunmen of the Apocolypse 7:35 Black As Lister and Cat rise up after being discovered, a mic pops in and then out of view at the top. Stephen Fletcher
Tikka to Ride 0:40 Shadow Looks like the shadow of a boom mic across Lister’s forehead whilst doing the log. Occurs throughout the rest of the scene. Nicked from moviemistakes.com
Stoke Me A Clipper 4:25 Grey and fluffy! Just as the crocodile falls on the two German guards, the mic appears at the top of the screen. John Hoare

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