As noted by Cappsy in our comments, The Red Dwarf Zone has finally relaunched. Amongst other things, there are DVD reviews, and a few quizzes; lots more is planned. The fact they’re planning to implement a proper news system is good; RDZ always used to be very good on news stories. Just see their 2002 News Archive for proof of that.

What with this, and a White Hole relaunch being planned (with Valid XHTML, no less), perhaps I should stop sitting around wanking, and do some work on this site, eh?

Meanwhile, the preview site at has been taken down; we are told that the “Site will return soon”. But it was only online two minutes! It’s been dead for centuries. No. Yes. You a webmaster? You’ve only got to look I’LL STOP NOW. Whether this is because the full site is to be imminently launched, or because various people have proved the preview site to be a load of bollocks, we don’t know. Thanks to Paul Gannon of Total Red Dwarf for this bit of news. Presumably, everyone else had died waiting for the site to load.

Watch out for Ian’s review of Celebrities Disfigured on Friday. And expect my sense of humour and good news writing skills to return at some point next week. What is wrong with me?

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