Brittas Series 5 cover. No amusing alt text, I'm afraid; I'm off to watch Talons and have a shag.As noticed by RDZ’s Danny Pendleton, Brittas Series 5 has been classified by the BBFC. The eight episodes themselves come to 232m 50s and are rated PG, and the “I remember it as dire, but am I just being a cunt?” Christmas special In The Beginning… runs to 29m 33s and is a U. Interestingly, you never see any of the Brittas extras classified (there’s nothing for previous discs); are they simply included somewhere in the main series classification entry? I can’t see how they can be. Odd.

Also being released by Eureka is Jupiter Moon, a “lavish space drama” which “would air three times a week”. A soap, then. I’m intrigued, actually, although with 150 episodes to its name it would be expensive to collect. Good extras, as well…

There’s loads more news to report, but I’ll do it later tonight. Although it’ll all seem a bit of an anti-climax, I’m afraid; I’m leaving all the DJ stuff for Ian’s DJ article. What a pest.

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