A piece of Red Dwarf, there. Yummy!What’s that Peter Tyler up to now, then? Why, he’s selling pieces of Red Dwarf on eBay, of course! Pete, of course, was the model unit cameraman on the show, so you can guarantee that these pieces are genuine. They’re from the ship that was blown up in Demons & Angels, and there’s only a handful left in the world. Peter’s selling three large pieces on eBay – one, two, three.

You may notice that Peter mentions some smaller pieces in his descriptions, which are in the hands of his closest friends. Well, I’ve got one of them. Thus I win. Therefore, I can vouch that they are indeed fantastic – just imagine having a bigger one. So, if you’ve got a bit of dosh to spend (they’re already up to funny money), you’ve got until Sunday to steam in there. At the time of writing, the same bloke is winning all of them – don’t let that happen!

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