SFX Event logo. No amusing comment. Sorry.Oooh, lovely. When we previously reported on the upcoming SFX Event (coming this weekend, June 4th – 6th), we told you about the Readers Awards he’s presenting on the Sunday. However, the SFX website now says that “Chris will now be appearing for a question and answer session on Saturday”. This is wonderful, marvelous, incredible news. All those questions. Bliss. So, here are some of our suggestions:

  • “Have you heard anything about the new Spitting Image series?”
  • “Who was the director you played in Filthy Rich and Catflap based on?”
  • “So come on, why did you really leave Red Dwarf? You keep giving different answers!”
  • “Do you honestly think Series VII and VIII are as good as the rest?”
  • “Could you please strangle Craig and Danny during the commentaries for VII and VIII?”
  • “What’s the first line of the Movie script?”
  • “What’s the rest of the lines of the Movie script?”
  • “Actually, could we just have a photocopy?”
  • “We promise we won’t publish it on G&T.”

It only remains for me to beg for a report, however short, if any of you lot are going; I’m afraid I’ll be busy doing an IMPORTANT INTERVIEW for this site. And I’ve even conned my girlfriend into transcribing it. The things people do for cock, eh?

Oh, and tell me if you hate the new info box on the front page. It took me five minutes, so you’d better fucking like it.

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