Ho-hum. Over at Collectiques, the Red Dwarf, Starbug, and twinpack are still slated for June. The models still haven’t shown up at the Corgi site yet; or rather, reappeared after their disappearance.

So far, so suicide-inducingly-boring. However, Phil of this very parish has noticed the following in the Summer 2004 BBC America catalogue: the Corgi Red Dwarf, going for the recommended retail price of $39.98. There’s no mention of the Starbug or twinpack in it at all.

The interesting thing about this, is that elsewhere in the catalogue, there are specific mentions of when the products are to be released if they haven’t already, or little disclaimers to say that whilst you can order the product, it isn’t ready for shipping yet. There is no mention of any such thing with the Red Dwarf model; you can apparently order it NOW.

So, either there has been a mistake and it’s not going to be ready for a while, or it’s up for imminent release, or it has been released over there. As to how this reflects on the British situation… well, let’s just say I’ve learnt enough by now never to guess or assume anything, but I suppose it can really only be good news in some form or another.

…should have thought a bit harder about that news article really. Cocked it up a bit, didn’t I?

UPDATE (16/05/04): Cpt-D has pointed out below that the models are on the Corgi site, underneath the Coming Soon section; Red Dwarf, Starbug, and the twinpack are all listed. The site lists the individual models as being avaliable in June, and the twinpack as August; however, Cpt-D has had an e-mail from Corgi that suggests they should all be avaliable from the end of July. Which I would point out is August.

Either way, along with the articles TOS have been putting out, it looks like we’ll all finally be seeing them in the next two months, regardless of whether they’re actually released in America or not. Does anyone want to predict our review word for word now?

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