Screengrab from Filthy, Rich and Catflap. Due to explode onto DVD in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 Released: 10/08/2004. A date which is not the 8th of March or the 8th of June, I would point out. Still, at least it looks like it’s coming out, contrary to rumours that it wouldn’t. And two months extra wait is worth it for one of the best sitcoms ever written. Mind you, it would be nice if companies didn’t wait until the date had passed before giving you updated information. Ahem.

Two questions, then:

a) Why the fuck is/was Filthy so ludicrously underrated?

b) Was Believe Nothing any good at all?

Thanks to Filthy lady ribbit for the news. Accessing a website is a pretty big step for her; I’m so proud. She’ll be using a wordprocessor next.

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