Rimmer model. TEH R@RE.Oooh, this is excellent. Big Blake has kindly pointed us towards the following: Dapol Red Dwarf Master Models of Rimmer and Lister? …or Lister and Rimmer? Or KRYTON AND TEH FUCKING CATE. A bit of background, then, from the description:

“As you will all know from reading our previous descriptions, we at Dapol made a selection of Action Figures for the BBC under a Doctor Who brand license. However what you will not know is that we were also approached to make models for RED DWARF.

We got as far as making the master models but for many reasons we did not progress to manufacturing.

Therefore we now wish to dispose of the ONLY TWO MASTER MODELS that we made of RIMMER. These are without doubt the most highly detailed and decorated models we EVER made and they stand at about 4″ tall.

Have a look at the photo and you will see the models. One is unpainted and would have been used to make the actual mould and the other is fully painted and would have been used to check the eventual decoration.

The actual cost to have these models made by one of the worlds leading model-makers was in the ‘Hundreds’ of pounds – but we are offering them WITHOUT RESERVE!!!”

OOOH, I WONDER WHAT THIS WAS FOR. A possible cause of some of the delay, perhaps? Although that doesn’t seem to explain the delay with the single Dwarf/Starbug models. Either way, a fascinating bit of history. And perhaps slightly more useful than a FUCKING BACK IN THE RED CAMERA SCRIPT.

Thanks for that, Blake. Good luck with your exams. Don’t forget his other news too; Craig Charles is guesting on EFOURUM tonight; at 7:00pm E4, and 12.30am on C4. That’s sure to be good, etc.

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