I’m sure we’ve all got a list of RD sites that we visit on a regular basis. Well, now we’ve got a new URL to add to the list – www.fuchal.co.uk. It’s a new opinion-based site, run by Seb Patrick of this parish. Rather than treading the same ground as other sites by covering aspects that are already catered for, Seb has vowed to do his own thing – giving his “own perspective on all things Dwarf“. This is lovely stuff; the one thing that’s always guaranteed to be good is a reasonably intelligent guy writing enthusiastically about a subject that he obviously cares about.

And I can strongly recommend the excellent article on the novels; Seb’s managed to summarise exactly why they’re so great, but without using diagrams where appropriate. Fuchal is definitely one to keep an eye on. Although, he does describe this site as “not for those offended by strong language”. Cunt.

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