It’s pretty rare that we launch a new section on G&T these days. Some might argue that we don’t even update the sections we have enough, so why the fuck are we launching another one? These people would be absolutely correct. Nonetheless, the Games section is now launched; partly as a permanent home to the RD:IWCD text adventure that we uploaded a while ago, and partly for future expansion. Hmmm. I’ve obviously been reading too many old computer manuals.

There is the odd new thing, however. Firstly, I’ve tracked down a solution to the game, which I found but then lost way back when I first uploaded it. But it would be a shame to just ruin it; so I’ve also added a Hints page; with precisely no hints on it. There is however a contact form; ask where you’re stuck, and I’ll post some clues, and eventually the answer. Aren’t I nice? There’s also some links to various online games as well, which I’m sure you can suggest more of. Finally, I’ve added the contact form back to the site, to make it easier to tell us your news/comments/suggestions/whatever.

Right; I’m off now to get ready for a SUPER EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for this very site; expect it to be published some point next week. I shall get my sycophantic persona out and give it a dusting.

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