Tom Jones, there. Trust us to pick out the most important thing to illustrate a news story.It’s a massive ramble on about DVDs, everyone! These are always excellent, naturally. This one tells us a little more about the process of making the DVDs, as well as tantalising snippets of what the content will be.

A couple of these snippets involve the featurettes. As leaked a week or so ago, these will be called Bad Guys and Sick, and will be set to You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman Turner Overdrive and Mama Told Me Not To Come by Tom Jones and The Stereophonics respectively. I know clearance cost is an issue here, but it would have been nice to have songs that are at least vaguely related to the topics. Neither of the songs are anything to do with anything, and none of the lyrics match either. Tsk. Presumably Bad Boys by Wham! was too expensive, but something with a general theme of bad behaviour would have been nice. And what about Bad Case Of Loving You by Robert Palmer for Sick? Or even The Jack by AC/DC? (Personal gratification, I know.)

Aaaaanyway, what’s all this about Lister kissing a dung beetle? Unfortunately, it’ll probably be the Psiren as opposed to an actual dung bettle. That would have been better. Very interesting snippets about the rushes too – the infamous clip of Craig lighting a fag during the recording of Terrorform is there! And I think I’ve seen the “simple dialogue scene from Quarantine crumble around the cast’s ears”, and if it’s the clip I’m thinking of, it’s fantastic. Amusingly, there’s too much bonus material for the disc. Maybe they should release a special edition featurring deleted scenes and out-takes from the DVDs themselves? Or not.

Much cuss-o regarding the deleted scenes for The Inquisitor and Demons & Angels. Interestingly, these were the episodes that we had transcripts of deleted scenes for online, before our wrists got slapped. The missing tapes are nothing to do with us, honest. Still, though. Forty-five minutes of deleted scenes per series. Excellent!

Oh, and there is some other stuff as well. The “John’s Roundup”-style piece contains news of the repeats, which we reported ages ago because we’re better than TOS. Yes. Nothing to do with them only updating once a week. The show is also being repeated in Canada, but it’s not even a proper country anyway. Plus, The Story Makers is out on DVD, which I think we mentioned, but can’t remember. A-a-a-and finally, it would appear that our episode of Comedy Connections will be at the end of a run, due to last minute editing. Ah well. Rob and Doug will be appearing on the same documentary for the first time in, ooh, ages. In fact, I can’t recall this ever happening ever. Can anyone clarify that?

In self-satisfied, unimportant news, it was my last exam today. Hurrah! This means I’ll be able to, you know, write for G&T again. Begin celebrating any moment. Aaaaaany moment. Any moment… NOW.

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