So, what are RDZ up to, apart from reporting on news we covered a month ago? (Although to be fair, they can at least get the date right.) Well, they’ve spotted an entry for BBC WORLDWIDE – AUTUMN 2004 at the BBFC, lasting for 35 minutes and 2 seconds; 1 minute 55 seconds and indeed 3 frames of which are of “RED DWARF – SERIES V”. It’s pretty obviously a taster for upcoming BBC DVD releases, presumably to be given away free in some way or another. (Unless it’s going to be used as an “extra” on BBC releases, of course, but I suspect that’s unlikely.) But hey, at least Ricky Gervais gets a credit. Mustn’t forget about him, must we, despite the huge amount of other people appearing on the DVD. Anyway, we’ll report back when this shows up.

Also on RDZ is a post made by Robert Llewellyn on his guestbook… WHICH I CAN’T LINK TO:

“Suffering from utter exhaustion from a week on the heap, it’s hard to make any sense at all, but I’d like to thank all the people who’ve made kind comments over the past two days. I saw Doug Naylor last week and we talked Red Dwarf movie for hours, and I saw some animations of the film, and laughed myself silly. It is very frustratting for all concerned that the finance for this film, as is the case with all films, is so hard to finally pin down. The brave and tenacious Mr Naylor is anything but downhearted though, he is clearly determined to make it happen, and I’m sure he will. Scrapheap has been going great this year, very good machines, many of which actually work! And I’m really looking forward to next week, after I’ve slept rather a lot, because it’s a fairly dangerous challenge and they always keep you alert. And we are doing another series of Scrappy Races later in the year which I’m really looking forward to. But soon I hope to start some serious work again on this site.”

Paragraphs, man! Of course, if you wanted to be negative, you could say that pre-production planned for July and shooting planned for next January is all rather premature when finance still isn’t in place… but I’d prefer to concentrate on the fact that I’m going to have to place a bugging device on Robert Llewellyn at DJXI. Well, I’ll certainly do some kind of bugging anyway!!!!!!!11

Oh, and Ronald Reagan is dead. Good. Chris Barrie should obviously do some kind of tasteless sketch and put it up on his site. Go on.

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