Series V DVD Cover, of some sort.Fucking twatting RDZ. Erm, I mean well done to them for spotting this entry on the BBC Shop for Series V. It gives what appears to be an official release date: the 8th November. Excellent. Seeing as it’s the BBC shop, we can probably trust it. They also say that if you pre-order it from then, you can get it on the day of release: why not order it from Play and get it on the 6th instead?

No “extra!!!!2” information given on the extras yet; but I quite like the episode descriptions given though, particularly the “who’s watching the watcher?” bit for Quarantine. I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t point out that in Holoship, Rimmer is not transported from Red Dwarf, but from Starbug. Still, they do call it Demons & Angels rather than Demons and Angels I’M WASTING MY LIFE.

Oh, and they’ve also got an image of the cover (see a large version here). Put your arguments about it here:

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