Ah, the question mark. The ultimate getout clause for dodgy journalism. Not that RDZ could be accused of that. As my manager would say, they are taking a proactive role in the development of the infiltration of Movie informational assertations of the factual disseminations.

Hence their emailing of the Australian Film Commission to ask about the status of the Movie. The reply they got back was this:

“Our records indicate that it is in the development phase.
The Producer is Richard Keddie and the only contact details we have is an address, but no telephone contact.”

So, it looks like rumour that Richard Keddie was involved may well have some truth to it (admire my journalism yet again); Jane Ballantyne was also mentioned in the same rumour. So, what has Mr. Keddie actually done? Well, nothing I’ve heard of, but that’s not surprising see as it’s all Australian stuff, and mainly TV. He did however win the Australian Film Institute award in 2001 for “Best Telefeature or Mini-Series” (along with Sue Milliken and Andrew Wiseman), for My Brother Jack; he was also nominated for Best Documentary for Wonderboy. Of course, if anyone who actually knows what they’re on about wants to give us some proper perspective on him as opposed to what I can glean from the internet, feel free.

Oh, and why has it taken us two days to report on this? Insert your favourite Dwarf quote about downtime… HERE.

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